Windows 7 Starter Product Key Free Download

Windows 7 Starter Download is another version of windows 7. This was the first version of windows with many fewer features. Features in this version are limited in many different ways. If you want to download it then you can visit and download this and other versions for free from our website easily.

LicenseOfficial ISO / Product Key
OSWindows 7
Latest Release22 Feb 2011
VersionStarter SP1
File Size2.46 GB (32bit)
Provided ByMicrosoft Inc.

Overview Of Windows 7 Starter:

We are going to discuss here Windows 7 Starter features. That what you are going to get with it and also will tell you why you should use this. And also what are the features that will make it unique and different than others. As you know about notebooks and manufacturers. So, this version of windows is use by most of the manufacturers. Because when they give you a new laptop. And you will get these windows to install on that system.

For that purpose, they have been using this because there are a lot of features in it. That makes it different and faster than others. Also, it is active already you don’t have to worry about that part. If somehow you don’t find the same. Then visit our website and then you will be able to simply know about the more remaining features.

Windows 7 Starter Download
Windows 7 Starter Download

In Windows 7 Starter you are going to get a lot of different advantages. Number one is this that you can easily run this version on any PC. It does not require too much ram or space it can easily run on any low spec PC. On top of that, you will not be able to run more than three apps at the same time. Because this feature is limited so you will have to work with that only. There are not too many features available that you can use. And also it is available in only 32 Bit version. So, you know that any fast or slowest PC can easily run this version. Just like this, there are a lot of other interesting features that you are going to get with it. If you want to know more just like these. Then you are on the right page.

Key Features Of Windows 7 Starter Download

  • Windows 7 Starter is the only version of its kind.
  • Features in this are limited which makes it more easy to use.
  • Any system can run this window easily and do not require much ram.
  • It is the fastest version of the windows that you can enjoy.
  • Also, it is really secure to use it will keep away you from all kinds of threats.
  • Many advanced features are added only in Windows 7 Starter.
  • You can not run more than software at the same time in it. Which will make it faster and easy to use.
  • Few features are limited in it due to which it takes only a few seconds to open any kind of program.
  • This version of the windows is being used by many different manufacturers.
  • For a few times, this was also coming pre-installed with all the Notebooks.
  • Above all, the version is very light due to which you can download it easily.
  • Even on dull to dull system it can run smoothly.
  • No one can access multiple accounts on it with logging in.
  • And you can not also change backgrounds in it due to speed.
  • Aero themes are also not available in it is going to be a whole new experience for you.
  • You are going to have a whole lot of fun.
  • Software’s will not come pre-installed with it so don’t worry about space.
  • The version is fully activated and anyone can download it for free.
  • You can run it smoothly on Notebook or other CPU.
  • It is very easy to use it because of the limited features are available.
  • There are also tons of other features that you can get with it.

How To Install Windows 7 Starter:

If you like windows 7 and you want to install it. Then don’t worry you can easily create a bootable disk. And then you can easily install this version on any PC. If you don’t know then you can easily learn from our site. Click here to Download

  • You can easily run it on any low spec PC.
  • It is very easy and fun to use.
  • Very fast and also secure too.
  • Features are limited in this version.
  • You can not open multiple apps at once.

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 1 GB is enough for 32 Bit.
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor is enough and it will run smoothly.
  • HDD: 12 GB of space.


For all of the those peoples who have low specs PC. Or they want advance windows with simple features, So, that they can easily understand and use them. Then you should use Windows 7 Starter. Because it is really fast. And also with it easy to use. Anyone can easily learn to use it only in a few seconds.

Download Full Setup dvd.iso2.5 GB

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